First of all, we would like to welcome you to the official website of Crown And Harp’s Irish Pub Bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  In Milwaukee, you may have found plenty of go-to destinations where you can have fun and enjoy your nightlife. If you have been searching a great Pub Bar in Milwaukee, then your search is over. Here at Crown And Harp’s Irish Pub, we try to offer a welcoming style atmosphere great food and lots of fun, games, and entertainment at our pub. We invite you to take some time to tour all the pages of our website as well as to come by to check out the place. Our friendly and approachable staff are always here to assist you whenever possible.

In 2006, a group of Irish entrepreneurs came to Wisconsin and started a business with the goal of bringing the best of Irish pubs to the Wisconsin State. That goal stands firm until today as we passionately bring Irish Pubs into the modern age. This means Crown And Harp features an array of international and local beers. While you are here, you can watch sought after televised sports, drink delicious craft cocktails on the bar and a barrel of Guinness beers and lots of great whiskeys.

Crown And Harp is also very proud to employ a group of lads who run the kitchen and dining areas to provide diners with fantastic plates and glasses of the best Irish wines and beers. Instead of going to a basic pub, choose to go to Crown And Harp where you’ll get your Irish standards with various dishes that are sure to surprise and delight, blending passion, quality, and originality in one menu.

We took a lot of care, curiosity, and enjoyment into each lunch, happy hour, dinner, and brunch. We hope you feel that when you’re at the Crown And Harp Pub.

Welcome to Crown And Harp.