Find the most asked questions in our Crown And Harp website. You may find it useful as you browse through our site. 


Q: What are your hours of operation? 

A: We are open from Sundays to Saturdays, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM. 


Q: How long has your pub been in business? 

A: We have been in the business since in 2006. If you want to get more information about Crown And Harp, you may view our About Us page or send us an email. 


Q: How do I get to Crown And Harp Irish Pub? 

A: The Crown And Harp Irish Pub is located  at Juneau Ave Milwaukee. You can follow the Google directions. 


Q: How can I make a reservation? 

A: Reservations are highly recommended at Crown And Harp Irish Pub and can be made in numerous ways. You can visit our Pub or simply book online via a Reservation Request Form that we are providing. 


Q: Do you accept large parties and private events at Crown And Harp Irish Pub? 

A: Yes, we can host and accommodate parties and events from 20 up to 400 guests for a complete venue buyout for both Corporate & Social Events. Email us for inquiries. 


Q: Do you have various menu options? 

A: Yes. We offer extensive selections of Irish, vegetarian and organic dishes to satisfy every palate, and health-conscious customers, we have it all here. If you are health conscious, we suggest to let us know ahead of time so we can prepare your meal with no fuss. 


Q: What is the Dress code? 

A: You can wear the most comfortable clothes you have. However, most of our patrons come in Business Casual. 


Q: Does Crown And Harp’s have Live Entertainment? 

A: Yes, each and every night at exactly 8 PM till 1 AM, you’ll find live acoustic music by different bands and solo music artists. If you want an updated performance, subscribe to our newsletter for free.